Yoga 101

Yoga 101 is our gentle/beginner class that offers an introduction to yoga’s basic poses that are easy and gentle. Instruction is given at a slow pace that allows time for increasing awareness around how your body is responding to each pose. Poses are held progressively longer and flow is introduced as individuals develop a comfort zone with their practice. Students are encouraged to go as far as is comfortable and not near strain or pain. Come as you are and leave feeling even better!

 Gentle Flow

Hatha Yoga is the yoga we offer combining breath, movement and flow. The classes are geared towards a healthy, physical workout while respecting individual abilities and limitations. Every class and pose is fine-tuned and guided to fit each body. The development of heightened awareness through mindful movement and breath are emphasized in classes that include a dedicated warm-up, practical cardio component and a cool down period with modifications for each pose. We provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere where everyone can grow, flourish and enjoy without strain or pain.

 Yintastic Fridays

Yin Yoga (versus our usual Adult Flow – Yang style) is done either in a sitting or lying position on the mat where one holds a specific pose longer than usual. Yin yoga stretches the deep connective tissues of the body. Primary connective tissues include the hips, thighs and lower spinal area. These types of tissues do not stretch the muscles (as in the Flow form of yoga) but they stretch and exercise the bone and joint areas of the body. This type of asana practice is beneficial to a variety of yoga enthusiasts ranging from the beginner to the experienced.  Flow yoga stimulates the muscles in the body, encouraging strength and great physical health. Yin yoga increases one’s ability to perform Yang yoga. By having lubricated, flexible joints, Yang practices will seem easier as a result of Yin.

Benefits of Yin Yoga : calms and balances, regulates energy levels, improves strength and overall health, lowers stress levels, increases stamina and flexibility of the body’s connective tissues and joints, slows signs of aging,  and provides deeper levels of relaxation.


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