You are supported by Doug and Linda in every class.

You start where you are with your health, life circumstances, tightness and stress.

You are welcomed, not pressured, into a relaxed exploration and discovery, of this process oriented, not goal oriented, practice.

You are encouraged to become intentionally aware as your body gently moves, relaxes and opens through awareness and relaxation instead of intensity and strain.

Your experience will be inspiring, new and refreshing as you discover exciting, new space.

Your experience will constantly change, yet gradually move towards greater ease and comfort.

Your experience of yoga will be about a spacious aliveness.

• Never doubt this yoga is for you
• This yoga is meant to be enjoyed
• Be kind, patient and have fun
• Be playful and approach practice as a child might approach a playground
• Come to practice thinking ‘I am here to enjoy’

“When one uses the mind in a strong, clear way … that creates the alertness of relaxation.” Diane Long


Discovery 101

Our gentle/beginner class introduces the concepts of awareness, feeling, ease, gentleness, gravity, breath and movement. Instruction is provided to encourage increased awareness around how the body is responding to each moment. This class is about a comfortable, strain, stress and pain free experience that leaves one wanting more! Come as you are and leave feeling even better!


Freedom Yoga

Combines breath and relaxed, tension free, focused movement without intensity or strain. These progressive, physical practices are geared towards a healthy workout with the intention of leading one to the vital core, the spine, while respecting individual abilities and limitations. Usually a longer class than Discovery 101, we focus on the development of heightened awareness through mindful movement and breath. Refining the awareness opens one’s vision to wholeness and harmony. You will want to keep moving, smiling and celebrating YOU!



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