“Doug and Linda are exceptional yoga teachers. Yoga is in their hearts, is their passion and it is reflected in the way they teach. They care about everyone of their participants and get to know them on an individual basis. When you enter their class they are welcoming, make you feel valued and accepted. They also build a sense of “community” within the class so that there is a bigger sense of belonging and connection for participants. Their class instruction is easy to follow for the beginners and yet still challenges those who are more advanced. They are great about helping with individual modifications. Many times they would come along and suggest a slight change or provide a helpful hint so that I could do the pose more appropriately for my body. Their mentorship, guidance, and instruction helped me to take my yoga practice to a place where I could feel a difference physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.” – T.L.
“Thanx so much! I was truly inspired this morning by your message but also your entire Yoga session!
You do so well and we are all so blessed to have YOU as our leader!  Have a GREAT day!” J.L.

“Your classes have been so much fun for me, and I’ve really noticed some positive changes in my body. Last fall was my first experience with yoga, in a different class. I didn’t enjoy it and considered giving up yoga, but I decided to give it another try with you guys, as you came highly recommended by my co-workers. I’m so glad I had the courage to try again, because your classes have really turned things around for me. Your very personalized and positive approach made a big difference, and I enjoyed the constant variety you use in your practice. The two other classes I have tried have been very boring compared to yours as they tend to use a lot of repetition; I never knew what was coming next with you two, and that was energizing for me. I was very impressed that you work with seniors and offer free classes to people who normally wouldn’t have access to yoga. It is obvious that the positive changes you see in people fuels your spirits and keeps you going year after year.” K.H.

“You’ve helped change my life in so many good ways.  I feel stronger, calmer, more aware of my body just for starters… it’s wonderful being part of the yoga for you community.  🙂  Thank you… K.B.

“I want to thank you both for making my introduction to Yoga such a wonderful experience. I am so glad that we decided to join your class. I look forward to each Tuesday evening as it is “my time”. I feel so much better since starting, and not nearly as stressed in my life. I am amazed at some of the moves that I can actually do (touching my toes is prime example, I couldn’t do that ever) I can now!!! Thank You for welcoming us so warmly and your continuing patience, encouragement and support. Looking so forward to classes resuming in the New Year. L.B.

“I am enjoying doing yoga and feel safe in your class trying something that is very new to me.  I’m not that coordinated and I often feel intimated when doing physical things, so feeling safe it important to me.” C.S.

“We both agreed we had found the right class, immediately after the first one we attended. Your website just reinforces that you are very professional, and that again we have made the right choice.” D.B.

“It’s especially easy to have fallen in Love with yoga because of how you and Linda teach and share. I was almost certain that I would not find a form of exercise that I would truly enjoy. Any other type; Pilates, zumba, aerobics, aqua size etc, have been a “should do”.  Now I have been given the gift of “I want to” because it feels soothing and is no burden. It does my heart good to hear my friends speak so fondly of your classes. They say things like “Wow, I expected that it would hurt”, “I’ve never slept so good before”, “I feel so comfortable”, “Wow! I can’t believe that I was able to do that!”, “They really seem to care about us”, “They really love us and want the best for us”, and the list goes on. I feel the same way and I see and feel, how yoga will be a forever for me so thank you for the gift.” C.F.

“Sadly next week will be my last week with you at yoga – due to a move to Toronto. Doug, I can’t begin to tell you how much both you and Linda have enriched my time in Saskatoon. The warmth and kindness that flows from you both has sustained me through these long winter months! The world of yoga was new to me when I first moved to Saskatoon and the experience has changed me forever. Both physically and mentally, yoga has given me a new perspective on the way I interact with the world. I can’t wait to find another group with which to practice with in Toronto (although I fear I will never find a group as loving and supportive as ours) but I know that the voice that guides me through will always bring me back to you both.” A.B.

“By the way, I must tell you of the dramatic change TWO yoga sessions have made for me.  I am not sure which is more dramatic, but I will start with my body.  My back, neck, arms, legs have all improved in flexibility, and my back is so much more comfortable, I can bend over and wash my face without pain.  WOW, two sessions; pretty incredible!  Also, I experience an incredible sense of well-being that continues for days afterwards.  I am very impressed with the class and frankly had no expectations so what a surprise!  I am so looking forward to the rest of the sessions, and the rest of life for that matter.” D.B.

“When my friend and I started your class last fall I could barely stand to be alone with myself.  It was crazy. For some reason I was just really, really upset with myself. It was like I was always mad at me for what I’d done or not done at work, with friends, and with family. When we started your class it was a bit overwhelming to have unconditional acceptance. In most of your classes I would cry at times, a few tears, and sometimes I barely kept it together.  But every time I left a class it was like I was completely purged – I would come home drained and exhausted, but in a good way!  It was like in each class I was unconsciously letting go of some of things in my life that I’d never been able to let go of.  Interesting and surprising!

Then something changed. I’m not sure what class it was but something clicked.  I stopped thinking, I stopped judging myself, and I just started breathing.  And it worked!  Everything felt better, mind and body. Now I can stand to be alone with myself and I don’t judge myself anymore.  That day when you asked in class if anyone needed something from you…  that was the day that everything changed as I had a moment where I realized everything was different and was working! Thought you would like to know how life changing that was for me. Thanks for being awesome.” J.C.

“I am so glad that you invited me to try your yoga class!  I have been trying to find something I can do for myself to relax and get away from the business of ‘home’ and ‘kids’ and I think it is just perfect for that! I really enjoyed the class and felt very ‘at home’.  Thank you for always being so welcoming and caring!!!  You guys are AWESOME!!!” N.C.

“A good piece of art needs a mix of most or all of: beauty, humor, sensuality and drama. I’m finding all of these in your yoga class. Thank you.” J.R.

“I just thought I would share a sweet yoga story. Yesterday my 7 year old and I hit the mats, using the 27 min. Wake Up Yoga practice CD I got from you. Side by side we breathed and stretched, it was so sweet and cute. How much time does a mom of four have to spend one on one, well yesterday it was 27 minutes! I put on the Patricia Sereno’s celtic harp cd and it was such a soothing practice, although my daughter did agree with my “love” of down dog, she encouraged me along with “we can do it”. During final relaxation we held hands (sniff, sniff I know). Thank you for making me fall in love with yoga!” T.J.

“Just wanted to say thank you for all the encouragement you have given me over the past weeks since my injury, with e cards, messages through my friends and more. I really enjoyed coming back to yoga on Monday and was surprised how much I was able to do … of course that’s thanks to Doug for helping me with the props so I could join in … thanks! My back felt so much better when I got home … all stretched out 🙂 Hope to see you both again very soon.” K.M.


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