Lumby Family FREE Yoga in the Park

This Saturday, August 20th, 11:00am at Oval Park between the skate park and the swimming pool, Ease-Moves Yoga with Doug and Linda.
Bring a yoga mat or not, water, and dress for comfort of movement. Do what you can, what you want and smile through it all! There will be shade, sun, laughter and fun. No pressure, no stress, no expectations … gotta love it!
Come share community with us and feel free to invite other friends and family. No age limit on this one … as it should always be!!!
If weather is not conducive to an outdoor class we will post a cancellation notice on the front page of our website at
Big Summer Love,
Doug and Linda

Indoor Classes start the week of Sept. 12 inclusive the week of Dec. 12

14 weeks of classes with 4 Classes/week

Tuesday – 6:30pm – “ease-y moves flow” – 75 minutes – at the Lumby Legion

Wednesday – 9:15am “ease-y moves flow” – 75 minutes – at the Lumby Legion

(NEW) Thursday – 9:15am “ease-y moves flow” – 75 minutes – at the Lumby Legion

Thursday – 6:30pm – “ease-y moves flow” – 75 minutes – at the Lumby Legion

Wednesday, –  11:15am “Supportive Chair” – 60 minutes –  at the Lumby OAP Hall – This class is Drop-in Free or Pay What You Can

Contact Doug or Linda at 1-306-203-3158 or

Please Print Our Registration Form Here


Our suggested fees;

No one is ever turned away because of money so please let us know if our fees are an issue

Drop-ins are Pay What You Can ($15 suggested)

5 Class Pass – $65.00 ($13/class)

10 Class Pass – $120.00 ($12/class)

14 Class Pass – $154.00 ($11/class)

20 Class Pass – $200.00 ($10/class)

28 Class Pass – $252.00 ($9/class)

**56 Class Couples Pass $448.00 ($8/class)

**(same residence and household income)

* Passes expire at the end of December 2016 & are non-transferable.  Your pass is good for any of the classes throughout the week! *

Please pay by E-Transfer, cash, cheque or post-dated cheque made out to Doug Geiger, #23 – 2675 Pine Avenue, Lumby, V0E 2G5  

Please Print Our Registration Form Here

We appreciate you registering as soon as possible … thank you 

Our Supportive Chair Class at the Lumby OAP Hall, 11:15am Wednesday mornings is an ongoing class and is Drop-in Free or Pay What You Can

The Amazing and Beautiful Yogis from Station 20 West Saskatoon

The Amazing and Beautiful Yogis from Station 20 West

Freedom Style ease-y moves classes are accessible to everyone. We adapt the practice for you within every class and movement! You will feel important, welcomed, comfortable and safe in classes that are focused, mindful and soothing to the body and mind.


Linda and Doug-279Not your typical or conventional teachers. No script, same two experiences, rules or expectations. You will be inspired, encouraged, supported, cheered and loved by this dynamic duo, Doug and Linda, for where and who you are. You start where you are with your health, life circumstances, tightness and stress, doing only what is available to you. You are welcomed, not pressured, into a relaxed, tension free exploration and discovery of this process oriented, not goal oriented life.

You are encouraged to become patiently and intentionally aware as your body, mind, heart and spirit moves, relaxes and opens through awareness and ease instead of intensity and strain. Your experience will constantly change, yet gradually move towards greater ease, healing and comfort. Your discovery and unfolding will provide a contagious, happy, healthy, spacious and fun aliveness.

We are available for you! Please check out “Our Services” link.


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